Webinar recordings

et webinar med Eva Bertilsson

NOK 150.00

Webinar med Eva Bertilsson 18.1.21. "Starknapper"

Including examples from animal traning and PORTL.

EUR 15.00

Mary Hunter is in this webinar talking to us about a technique that she uses for building duration when teaching a behavior. She talks about how to do it and shows video examples from both animal training and PORTL.

EUR 15.00

DogParkour is a fun way of learning about training your dog and about body language. It also teaches your dog to be brave and resilient.

with Jessy Lang and Sam Turner

EUR 15.00

Online Workshop: Art-of-Living for dogs and handlers with Jessy Lang and Sam Turner: 
The art-of-living is a concept that can be assigned to the positive psychology. It is based on strategies to lead a happy and fulfilled life. The concept includes 17 different components which can be trained. Jessy and Sam have adapted the concept from humans to dogs. They have developed a holistic and science-based programme including several exercises to improve happiness and well-being for dogs AND handlers. 

A recording of a webinar on April 1, 2021

EUR 15.00

BAT helps animals gain confidence and social skills. BAT is a natural method that creates an emotionally safe interaction with minimal intrusion. BAT is especially useful when the “triggers” for frustration, aggression, or fear are living beings, for example when dogs bark at or bite other dogs or people.

EUR 15.00

If you are new to Control Unleashed, need a refresher, or just want a way to help your dog focus under challenging circumstances, Leslie McDevitt's LAT game is a great tool.

Cooperative Counter Conditioning.

EUR 15.00

Requested Approach Training & Voluntary Sharing: Cooperative Counter Conditioning from Leslie McDevitts Control Unleashed Program
Do you have a dog who hates taking turns or sharing resources? Do you have a dog who struggles with triggers approaching it? Learn how to put your learners in the driver's seat of their own counter conditioning using these protocols.

A recording of the Webinar with Carmen Heritier, March 15th., 2022

EUR 16.00

"Functional anatomy" sounds very dry and rather daunting at first. But what lies behind it is enormously important for dog owners, trainers and physiotherapists alike.

This webinar deals with the dog's body structure and the associated structural strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these is immensely important for any activity with a dog, because this explains, for example, the supposed stubbornness in trick training, the pole throwing in agility or the reluctance to retrieve balls on the walk. What's more: if you know about your dog's physical weaknesses, you can specifically prevent signs of wear and tear such as arthrosis. With the help of many photos and videos, a wide variety of dogs are examined from front to back, bringing a lot of colour into this rather theoretical topic. Ideal for anyone who wants to take a closer look at the physique of dogs.

a webinar with Pernille Blok-Riisom. April 7 2022

EUR 16.00

Scared from the beginning – which is inheritance, which is environment? What to do as an owner, when your dog is stressed and anxious from the moment you get it home? A perspective on the ability to learn when stressed and anxious with the focus of the breed, the role the breeder plays and tips to how to help you as an owner how to assist your dog to cope.

a webinar with Eva Bertilsson, TAGteach International. March 29, 2022

EUR 16.00

The art of delivering instructions – Introduction to the TAGteach tools for teaching the human!
We study endlessly on how best to communicate with our animal learners, but what about our human learners?
There is a real art to delivering information to a human, especially in the moments before they are asked to act upon your instructions. We’ll look at two TAGteach tools: the Focus Funnel and WOOF that will help you create crystal clear instructions while simultaneously decreasing stress and in the human learning environment.

A recording of the webinar with Mary Hunter November 8. 2022,

NOK 150.00

Mary Hunter explains what makes the constructional approach unique and walk you through a four-step planning process that will help you focus on what behaviors you want to teach, rather than reducing or eliminating behavior. 

A recording of the webinar with Åshild Roaldset June 13 2022

EUR 0.00

Breeding of sick dogs is probably the most important welfare issue for our dogs. Hundred years of dog breeding, largely based on the dogs appearance, has led to many unnecessary diseases.  We have technology and science to do better for our dogs, and therefore we should do better. The EU- guidelines for dog breeding outlines a new approach to the way we breed dogs.

Webinar with veterinarian Åshild Roaldset June 13, 2022