Control Unleashed Online Course

Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed® program is designed to help dogs with "problems" learn to relax, focus and work reliably in situations that the dog initially finds either too stimulating or too stressful.

CU is primarily a behavioral oriented method and way of thinking/training. It`s underlying principles are based on the behavior modification techniques of desensitization and counter conditioning. Although a CU class is not a performance class,  it will help your dog perform more confidently and efficiently in any sporting venue.

CU will help your dog learn to cope with such environmental stressors as unfamiliar people and surroundings, fast moving dogs on an agility course, kids on bicycles or the dog down the street. It teaches worried and distracted dogs to build confidence, focus and calmness in any environment. It offers a model of "conversational" training that teaches our dogs how to make good behavioral choices.

Who is Control Unleashed for?

Dogs that are uncomfortable or unable to work around other dogs or people.
Dogs that become easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating.
Dogs that are reactive.
Dogs that are anxious or stressed and disconnect from the outside world in, for them, difficult situations
Dogs that fail to control their impulses when they become eager.
At the same time, Control Unleashed is an excellent tool that can help puppies / young dogs to be prepared to manage the training against being a competition dog or a working dog, as well as help the puppy / young dog in socialization and environmental training.
So - Control Unleashed is simply a good tool for most dogs

In this course you will be guided through CU - exercises by text and videos. In the Facebook group connected to this course you can post videos of your own training to get feedback, as well as ask questions along the way.

You take the course at your own pace and train when it suits you. 

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