Requested Approach Training & Voluntary Sharing:

Cooperative Counter Conditioning.

A recording of the Webinar with Angie Madden and Adam Skandarani:

Requested Approach Training & Voluntary Sharing: Cooperative Counter Conditioning from Leslie McDevitts Control Unleashed Program.

Do you have a dog who hates taking turns or sharing resources?

Do you have a dog who struggles with triggers approaching it? Learn how to put your learners in the driver's seat of their own counter conditioning using these protocols.

About Angie and Adam:

Angie Madden, CPDT-KA, CCUI is a certified professional Dog Trainer and Control Unleashed Instructor.
Her training philosophy is heavily influenced by her experience as a carnivore keeper, which introduced her to the concepts of husbandry training and enrichment. Angie currently offers private training and group classes focusing on relationship building and communication through her company DogSpeak, LLC.

Adam Skandarani, CCUI is a certified positive reinforcement based dog trainer with 6 years of professional experience training dogs, cats, and the occasional avian friend.
They love helping to set performance puppies up for success in their future careers by laying foundations for calm, relaxed thinking in training and competition. They offer a variety of services including in home privates, real world training, day training, coaching, virtual classes, in person classes, and more through their business Flash of Brilliance Pet Training.