Introduction to Control Unleashed

Webinar with Nina Haaland

Do you want to know more about Leslie McDevitts' Control Unleashed (CU) concept?

CU is primarily a behavioral oriented method and way of thinking/training. It`s underlying principles are based on the behavior modification techniques of desensitization and counter conditioning. Although a CU class is not a performance class,  it will help your dog perform more confidently and efficiently in any sporting venue.

CU will help your dog learn to cope with such environmental stressors as unfamiliar people and surroundings, fast moving dogs on an agility course, kids on bicycles or the dog down the street. It teaches worried and distracted dogs to build confidence, focus and calmness in any environment. It offers a model of "conversational" training that teaches our dogs how to make good behavioral choices.

Nina Haaland, Certified Control Unleashed instructor, goes through through exercises and games, and their usefulness during an hour of online lectures.