Considerate communication skills - to help more dogs!

A Webinair with Ryan Cartlidge.

Ryan Cartlidge is a certified professional dog trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy & the founder of Animal Training Academy!

He has been working internationally as a professional trainer since 2007, including in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US. Ryan has trained entire teams of animal carers, developed animal training programs, been published in leading industry magazines, spoken at international conferences and delivered presentations in a university on animal behaviour.

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And now through the Animal Training Academy he connects hundreds of animal behavior & training enthusiasts with a large (and growing) library of lessons and tutorials delivered by renowned animal experts.

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Something - as Positive Reinforcement based dog/animal trainers - we can sometimes find challenging is processing both our emotions & thought processes when we see others using aversives.

Consequently, this live event will offer Ryan Cartlidge’s contributions to this challenge - based on his experience practically applying the tools from ‘crucial conversations’ over the last decade;

* Conversation skills to help engage with someone who doesn’t necessarily know they’re using (what we might label as) aversives. **

In the live class Ryan will share a slide presentation as well as [with the help of a volunteer] work through an example in real time (!

And to make it as authentic as possible - Ryan, won’t know what the example is until we’re live in the class on the day! I.e he will find out at exactly the same time as you do!

We look forward to seeing you live with us!

** Aversive = Something our animals given a choice would avoid/move away from.

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