Scared from the beginning,

a webinar with Pernille Blok-Riisom. April 7 2022


Scared from the beginning – which is inheritance, which is environment? What to do as an owner, when your dog is stressed and anxious from the moment you get it home? A perspective on the ability to learn when stressed and anxious with the focus of the breed, the role the breeder plays and tips to how to help you as an owner how to assist your dog to cope.

A webinar with veterinarian Pernille Blok-Riisom.

During and after the lockdown because of covid-19, I’ve seen a lot more scared puppies and owners who seek guidance for their new life as a dog family.

There will be a focus on why dogs are scared, how it looks like and how to handle it.

A short guide to train your dog and train yourself in a fear free way with the perspective from the dog of control, choice, and the ability to communicate with you. There will be a guide to read the “messages” your dog sends you.

If you have an anxious dog or work with clients who has a stressed and anxious dog this webinar is for you.

Pernille Blok-Riisom

Pernille Blok-Riisom (DVM, FFCP) is a veterinarian and behaviorist who has worked for 14 years in a small animal practice. She did her thesis about anxiety in dogs regarding fireworks. In 2017 she founded her own firm Adfærdsdyrlægen and is now solely working as a behavioral counselor and teaching the veterinarian students at the Royal Veterinary University in Copenhagen in clinical behavior.


Pernille gives lectures and webinars in a variety of behavioral topics and teaches at different educations for dog trainers and other behavioral counselors.

She is a Fear Free Certified Professional, Level 3 and has a lot of clients with dogs who are afraid of going to the veterinarian.

Pernille is also a board member of the Danish Society of Veterinay Clinical Ethology, where she participates in expanding the knowledge of behavior to the veterinary field.

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