How to Handle Sticky Situations in Off-Leash Puppy Classes

Recording of A webinar with with Amanda Gagnon september 15, 2022

How to Handle Sticky Situations in Off-Leash Puppy Classes

We all know that puppies need to socialize with other dogs and people, and that group puppy classes can be one of the most effective ways to do that, but with pups these days, we often find ourselves in sticky situations. Puppies play far too intensely, or they are terrified to play at all, or the humans who attend them make continuous mistakes despite our best efforts to coach them. At worst, handling these situations poorly can result in trauma or socialization issues with the puppy, which is exactly the opposite of what we set out to do. At best, when handled well, these sticky situations are a powerful opportunity to change the course of that puppy's life. 

In this class, Amanda will use video and lecture to demonstrate the best ways to handle the stickiest situations that arise in off-leash puppy classes so that you can use them as opportunities to teach essential life skills that will ensure the best possible future welfare for both the dog and human student. 

Amanda Gagnon

Anthrozoologist, Behavior Consultant, Dog Trainer


Amanda Gagnon is an anthrozoologist, dog behavior consultant, and dog trainer. She has lived and worked with dog-lovers on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for more than 15-years, and she is passionate about improving the relationships between dogs and humans in her community.

Amanda is the founder and training director at Amanda Gagnon Dog Training, where she teaches apprenticeship programs, conducts training programs for shelters and rescues, and researches dog-human cultures around the world. Her favorite thing to do is to work directly with humans and dogs during her group classes, private training sessions, and online courses.

Her passion to better serve dogs and humans has driven her to participate in many aspects of the dog industry, including helping to found a successful dog rescue, working as a founder on a dog training app, and holding board seats in community dog organizations. She is routinely featured in major shows and publications including; Good Morning America, Inside Edition, News Week, and Fox and Friends. She is a sought after speaker for corporate lectures, dog training conferences, and international workshops.

Amanda believes that the relationship between dogs and humans is a two-way street that should be enjoyable and soulful. She is passionately committed to staying abreast of current science, theory, and application so that she can provide the very best coaching methods for the dogs and humans in her community.

Amanda lives in New York City and Connecticut, where she relishes time with her husband, daughter, doggo, and chickens. She is an active martial artist, with a blackbelt in Taekwondo. She loves to travel the world, to explore the woods, and to do anything that allows her to get dirty and more connected to the earth.

Amanda has a Master of Science degree in Anthrozoology. She is certified as a behavior consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is certified as a dog trainer by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.