Using Body Language to Work with Canine Aggression

A webinar with Zofia Zaniewska-Wojtków, January 28, 2024, 6 pm CET

Using Body Language to Work with Canine Aggression

Zofia does not use food/treats in her work with aggressive dogs, and in this webinar, Zofia will showcase her expertise in canine behavior by presenting films directly from her work with dogs. Participants can expect to witness real-life examples of her innovative approach, "In a Dialogue with the Dog," as she addresses aggression issues in dogs towards people. Zofia's unique method emphasizes the importance of understanding and responding to a dog's body language to help them cope with stress and fear, ultimately fostering a sense of comfort in social situations with other dogs. Notably, Zofia's approach sets her apart, as she avoids the use of treats or snacks during dog therapy to ensure a pure and unfiltered connection with the dogs she works with.

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Zofia Zaniewska-Wojtków

Dog Behaviorist and Trainer | Author | Educator

Zofia Zaniewska-Wojtków is a dedicated dog behaviorist and trainer with a profound passion for delving into the intricate language of dogs. Her approach to working with our canine companions is firmly rooted in principles of trust and understanding.

Zofia is the author of five authoritative books exploring the realms of dog behavior, communication, training, and the intricate dynamics between children and dogs. Notably, one of her books, "Szczeka, merda, mówi," is currently being translated into Czech, and “W Harmonii z Psem” into Ukrainian.

In Poland, Zofia hosts a well-liked radio broadcast and frequently appears as a guest on TV programs, where she shares her expertise as a dog behavior expert.

She has further honed her expertise through attending numerous seminars and international conferences, learning from prominent figures in the field such as Eva Bertilsson, Malena DeMartini-Price, Chirag Patel, Ken Ramirez, Grisha Stewart, Michele Minunno, Marina Garfagnoli, Alexa Capra, and more. Zofia is a certified DipCABT trainer and behaviorist with specialized studies in animal psychology, particularly in the realm of dog psychology.

In her native Poland, Zofia, along with her husband Peter, owns one of the most prestigious schools Wojtków Szkolenia for aspiring behaviorists and trainers. They specialize in working with dogs that often exhibit aggression, whether it's dog-to-dog or dog-to-human. Zofia's unique approach centers on respecting the individual pace and consent of each dog she works with.

Zofia Zaniewska-Wojtków is not only a respected professional in her field but also a passionate advocate for the well-being and understanding of our four-legged friends, building harmonious connections between humans and their beloved canine companions.

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