Scentwork for All Seasons, an recording of a webinar with Ann McGloon

In this webinar, “Scentwork for All Seasons,” we are going to explore some of the fundamental principals of scent/odor detection.  

The Why’s? Why should we consider scentwork with our dogs?

The Type’s? We will chat about the various different types of scent work and explore the critical question of “What is your dog searching for?” and how answering this question will help you formulate both your dog’s learning but also your overall search strategies.

The How’s? How to get started easily without the need for massive amounts of equipment. Ann is also going to share some of her favorite games to enhance your dog’s learning; elaborate on how we can keep the learning simple, pressure free, and mostly importantly fun. 


Ann has been involved with dogs since 1999 when she acquired her first dog, a Sussex Spaniel, named Connie. In 2004, after retiring from federal service and moving to Oregon, she joined Josephine Country Search & Rescue and began training her first SAR K9 in 2005.  Over the years, she has certified five dogs in several of the SAR disciplines (wilderness air scent, man-trailing, human remains detection, and article/evidence detection); deployed on hundreds of missions throughout southern Oregon and northern California; and, coached other handlers while serving as the K9 Unit Lead. Her current working dog is a little working cocker spaniel named Millie. Millie is certified in article/evidence detection and trains in humans remains detection. She also has earned accolades in advanced urban sport tracking.


It’s Ann's love of sharing what she has learned and continues to learn that started her on the path of on-line scent-related teaching and coaching under the name SeekingScent K9 Sports. She has taught and mentored students across the globe in both sport and professional tracking/trailing, detection, and even gundog foundations (another passion of hers). Her focus is on using positive reinforcement mixed with a conceptual games-based approach to build behaviours and enhance the human-dog relationship.